My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 03月 13日



It was great that I joined the trip to NC. It was good that I had a chance to live in the same house with the other 9 American kids, and that I felt so at home with them. It was very relaxing that we worked and played in the nature, cutting trees and rowing in the river and all that kind of staff. I love that.

"These knives are... sucks!" People made fun of me when I meant "those knives suck!" I wish if I could speak English perfectly, but often times, language does not matter much. Perfection will catch me up sooner or later.

I just appreciate the fact that I became friends with impressive people during this trip. Getting to know Stacey, Rashida and Greg quenched my thirst that I had had since I felt somewhat overwhelmed by Georgetown. I cannot wait to hang out with you guys!

C'etait bien que j'avais quelqu'un qui peuvait parler bien francaise, aussi. On continue le practice, Laura!

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