My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2004年 09月 02日

Classes started!

Today was the first day of the classes. I had 3 courses today, all of
them I find challenging. Challenging in terms of the common knowledge
I have about US politics, in terms of the amount of readings given, and
the language skill. The 3 are "US Political System", "Geopolitics",
"Political Legitimacy and Identity in E/SE Asia".

US Political System Prof. Wayne
This is an introductory course to US politics. All the government major
students are taking it. Although this is introductory, I found it difficult to
share the laughter with other students when prof. makes jokes. So, I
decided to keep reading Washington Post everyday.

Geopolitics Prof. Pirtle
The prof. of this class is famous for his tyrannical way of teaching the
classes, although his basic principles are legitimate. He used to serve
in military, and the rules apply to the classroom as well. Still, I think I
can learn a lot from this course. This is a kind of classes that my home
university doesn't offer. We read books by Ikenberry, Measheimer,
Tammen, Kupchan, Gilpin etc. The empahsis he puts on this class is the
knowledge and theory rather than classroom discussion.

Political Legitimacy and Identity in E/SE Asia Prof. Steinberg
After Geopolitics with Prof. Pirtle, the prof of this class, who is actually
the head of Asian Studies in GU, seemed like a sweet angel to me. This
is a small class of 10 students, and we will have interactive class
discussion. I have been looking forward to this class since I applied to

After all, I felt hyper-exhausted after the 3 sessions, so I had a nap
back in my dorm. Can I go through it? Let me see.

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