My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2004年 09月 09日

The need of change, again

The highlight of my class schedule during the weekday is Wednesday,
which is today, because I have four classes in succession. It starts from
8:50, US political system, followed by a history class "US since 1945"
which I audit. In the afternoon, Geopolitics and Political Legitimacy/
Identity in SE/E Asia complete the schedule. I feel more optimistic than
I felt last week, because I have the notion that if I can overcome one
thing, I will be able to go through it.

That one thing is that I need to change my attitudes towards study.
More responsive, reactive attitudes are necessary in order to commit
myself to the classes. And, this attitudes are required when I start
reading assignments. I need to get ready to give opinions whenever it
is necessary, and putting thinking for later should be considered the
same as not thinking.

"Critical Thinking" was the key words that my home universtiy favoured
a lot, but thinking should be accompanied by speaking out, or rather,
interactive communication with other people. In my case, I am slow in
responding to the comments that profssors make, and hardly ready to
raise questions or my opinions when asked to do so.

May be this is why Japanese people are considered to be quiet in
situations when they are given the opportunity to speak. Besides the
linguistic problems, those who are brought up in Japanese education
system are not accustomed to be reactive to the lecturers. It may
perhaps be because of the confucian idea that students are not
supposed to give their opinions to teachers.

Anyways, excuses can explain anything. It is my responsibility to make
a change.

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