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2004年 10月 01日

Lost in Translation

A friend of mine lent me this film directed by Sophia Coppola the other
day. His critique was that there is not enough cultivation and
understanding into the Tokyo culture. (For those of you who haven't
watched it, the sceneries of this film are mostly in Shinjuku, Shibuya,
Odaiba, and Aoyama.)

My impression was that it showed me the foreigness of the mega city.
It is obvious that the two characters would have enjoyed Tokyo life if
they tried hard to learn the language and accept the pop-culture. And if
somebody who can understand their feeling of foreigness, who can
speak English better, navigated them in the vast sea of Tokyo culture.
I feel that there is absolutely no blame on Coppola for failing
depicting the culture and atmosphere in Tokyo. She succeeded it. Tokyo
in her eyes was exactly how I perceived it, there is no quasi-
orientalism. What I found foreign to me in my 2 and a half years of living
there was well captured on the screen, such as the noisy game
centers, the dusty air, the sky scrapers, and highschool girls with tooo
short mini-skirts.... although I found most of them foreign, but not

I love living with the feeling of foreigness, unless it overwhelms me. It is
the catalyst in my life, in order to be more creative and to fill me with

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