My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2004年 11月 20日

Women Waging Peace

Yesterday I participated in a policy forum held by another women's group as a volunteer staff. This opportunity was given by my teaching assistance in US Political Systems class. The place of this conference was in Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, so I was half interested in the contents of the forum as well as another half in this pricy hotel. (A friend of mine is working at Four Seasons Hotel in Maruno-Uchi, and she told me that a glass of orange juice will be 1.000 yen there.)

I had to take notes for a group of people discussing the role of women and their integration into the society in post-conflict Sri Lanka. Participants were from World Bank, US Department of States, NGOs and academia. Although their discussion was hard to follow and type up everything because everyone has something to say, it was very interesting to see and listen to those people who are actually working on such issues. Some of them were self-claiming "feminists", and I was left with one question at the end of the discussion. Can women gain power because they are women? My instinctive answer is no, although they should be "empowered" and need a special attention.

The Four Seasons Hotel was really hospitable, the coffee I drunk with a bone china was tasty, there was fragrant hand-washing soap in the bathroom, and I was set off by "Good bye" at the reception desk when I left the hotel. I wish one day I will be rich enough to stay there as a guest :)

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