My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2004年 12月 28日

Hello from Boston

Today was the last day in Boston. We had a snow storm yesterday, it has been really cold, but we marched along the freedom trail. Ame-nimo make-zu, yuki-nimo make-zu.

Toll ships in the harbor were very beautiful in the snow. The Boston Tea Party Ship, which I visited with my family 7 years ago was closed due to "unforeseen circumstance" as the notice board read. Kinda disappointing, but wonder what happened to the ship.

At the end of the day, we were all very tired, but the cram chowder we had at the Quinsy Market was ever so delicious.

We went to "Cambridge" yesterday, where Harvard University is located. Quite different from the original town in England. The COOP bookstore was great, I liked the atmospehere of the bookstore. Wondered if I would come back to study here one day. May be the original Cambridge would be more fun. (Saying is for FREE.)

We will take the Chinatown Bus tomorrow to New York City. This is my first time going to NYC as far as I can remember. We will have fun there!

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