My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2004年 12月 31日

Hello from New York City

We came down to NYC 3 days ago. This is my first time being in the Big Apple s far as I can remember. A very energetic, exciting, and busy city. I like it.

We visited the Statue of Liberty, WTC (I don't wanna call it Ground Zero, cuz it is not really when considering Hiroshima and Nagasaki), UN, the Central Park, and went to a show by Whoopie Goldberg. Tomorrow we will wait 4 the count down in Times Square.

Year 2004 was full of challenge. I checked my grade for Geopolitics and it turned out to be C! Yey, I didn't fail! This is my second C in my transcript, the other one being the health education in ICU. For the past 3 months I have spent most of my time digesting the concepts of hegemony and the leadership long cycle theory, and still I got C! I am crying for joy! Thank you Prof. Pirtle, I hate you but I love you! I took this class to see if I can survive in this famous/ notorious class, and I did it! Honto ni ure shi ---- =)

This is a quick note from a Korean internet cafe near Empire State Building. My kisses and hugs to my family and my dear friends,

and everyone,

Have a happy new year!
Rai-nen mo yoroshiku onegai shima su!

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