My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 01月 02日

Back home, DC

Finally my friend Hyojin and I got back home. (Actually at my friend's place.) 10 days of travelling was quite hard, always carrying suit cases from place to place.

The New Year count down show at the Times Square seemed great, I saw it on TV in the hotel room. It is a shame that I missed it, being a few blocks away from the Times Square. I was feeling ill and couldn't wait in the crowd.

NYC is a fantastic city. I will definitely revisit there in the spring semester. There are several things that I missed this time... UN tour, Moma, the Metropolitan Museum, etc. NYC isn't that far away from DC, an hour flight from Reagan to JFK, probably around 3 hours on Amtrack train, and 5 hours in the China town bus.

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