My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 01月 30日

Skating at the Sculpture Garden

a0022830_1534258.jpgI went out with my roommates to skate at the
Sculpture Garden near the Smithonian. It was my first time skating. I slipped over so many times that I hit my hands on the ice and they are now purple and soring. But it was so much fun! First my roommates pulled me hands by hands, while I stayed just standing. "Always lean forward! Bend your knees!" This was the advice from Susan. "Do not touch the bar." said I-Fang. Both can skate so gracefully that they can easily follow the stream of skaters.

After more than 10 Shiri-mochi, I gradually learned to slowly move on off the bar. Right-Left-Right- Look forward!

There were little kids skating with their parents, couples side by side, some people were skating even backwards! Also there was this cute little girl dressed up like a pro figure skater, and she can do anything on the ice! Spins, sliding on one foot, backward.

In the evening I went to the New Year's Party for the ICU Alumni who are working in DC. I met people old and young... I was the youngest. There were two Yearbook people who are now working in the World Bank! (Some of my readers... D-san, TM-san might know them.) It was such a co-incidence. We went to drink afterwards, and it was so much fun full of laughter and of advice.


I will have a good sleep after such a long and fruitful day.

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