My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 02月 11日

Walking at my pace

I did the presentation without having my voice shaking, so I guess it was pretty much a success in terms of manner. At least much better than I had done in ICU IS classes...

In terms of contents, however, my points - that China will play a big role in Six-Party Talks leaving US heading on DPRK, and that such a strategy is to secure Korean Peninsular US troops free for the future reunification of Taiwan - seemed lacking enough credibility... Due partly to the declaration of nuclear armament by North Korea yesterday. Indeed, their announcement made my plot turned upside down. How could North Koreans be pulled back to the negotiation table?

Other two presentators were much detailed about their topics, and seemed to know more about the situation. I need to explore more about this field.

Anyways, a good start. The week is over.

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