My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 02月 13日

Waiting... (we read it, didn't we? =)

I ordered an i-book yesterday. I got it discounted through Georgetown online apple store, so it was a good deal. Around the same price I got my old PC 3 years ago. The packet includes Words and Excel software, 3 years of guaruntee, and upscaled memory. It will arrive in 5 days. Thanks for Shin for advice.

I got an alart e-mail from the university information center that there was a flaw in the Symantec anti-virus software, 2 days after I got infected. The notice described a sympton that I experienced. So, I guess there are people who got theirs dead besides me.

A less intense weekend than the last week. I am having a good rest.

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