My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 02月 28日

A Somali taxi driver

On the way back from a concert yesterday, my roommates and I took a cab. The driver was a guy who said he was a foreigner, driving taxi from 10pm till 8am next morning on weekends. One of us asked him where he came from.

Eastern Africa. Where in eastern Africa? Somalia.

I was about to ask him whether he is from Mogadish, the capital of Somalia. But I kept quiet. Why?

The middle aged driver spoke fluent English. May be he had a professional job back home. Probably more rewarding than working all through the night.

There is no diplomatic relations between US and Somalia at the moment. How could he have obtained the work permission and documents? It must have been really hard coming to this country.

Sitting on the back seat with my roommates, I mused quietly about one aspect of reality, something that I had not noticed in the Somalia-Afghanistan class.

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