My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 03月 10日

Hello from Robeson County, North Carolina

I am in Robeson County in the southern North Carolina. Things are so different from DC, but other members in this trip and I are having fun! NC is in the south. We did canoeing, pottery, working in the woods, dancing, cooking, talking (on deep, serious topics =), meeting with the local poeples (Lumbee people= native American, African American, and European-descendant American)!

Yes, my boat capcised in the Lumbee river, but I got to know how to get out of the cold stream and go back to my boat. (Actually we were helped by another boat nearby.)

My travel mates are awesome, I met many who are difficult to find in normal days of Georgetown. (That means, they are eclectic.)

I have 3 more days here, I will enjoy the time here, and hope to get back to you on Saturday this week from my own PC.

by my-salad-days | 2005-03-10 12:18 | Exchange

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