My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2005年 04月 03日

Another Crazy Night

There was supposed to be fireworks for the cherry blossom festival in DC tonight, so I went out to see it with my friends from the Native American Experience Program. It was pouring today, but one of them told us that there will be fireworks in rain or shine.

We took the metro bus to 10th and Pennsylvania Avenue, walked about 10 blocks south in the wind and rain. The best place to see the fireworks was near the Potomac River, so we marched down by the Dept. of Justice, went across the Mall, took refuge in one of the Smithonians, and by the time we reached the Dept. of Agriculture, our jeans were plastered on our legs. Drenched we were, we turned right and one of us yelled that we should go into the Hotel Mandarine!

So we did. We were wet and on jeans and Georgetown sweaters. I was even on my flip flops because I thought my feet would be soaked, anyway. I knew the way out to the other side of the building and where the bathroom was, so we went down the stairs. A female receptionist followed us, and she was ready to kick us out! She talked to us, "it is raining so heavy, ha?" on the stairs and once we landed on the floor, she asked us very awkwardly, "may I help you?" "Yes, I would like to use the bathroom." I replied. I went in, washed my hands, and wiped my wet face and glasses with the paper towel with a rich texture (the one we were fascinated, Y).

The story didn't quite end here. One of us knew that there were restaurants by the river, so we walked a couple of blocks further, again in the rain. There were a Sushi bar and a Chinese restaurant next to each other. We chose sushi first, but the place was way too crowded. So we went into the other door. The Chinese place was a bit packed in the beginning, quite understandable becuase it was a Saturday night. We got our table, and ordered soup and dishes. The hot and sour soup came immediately, and made our cold bodies a bit warm. Good good. Then, we waited 15 minuts for the dishes to come. The waiters there were running, sometime shouting at the kitchen, and making fuss. The food didn't come. Another 15 minutes. Still, didn't come. Two young ladies sitting in the next table started making claims to the manager. One of them got her dish, but the other one didn't for more than 30 minutes. We realized that this restaurant is not organized. We asked our waiter, "are our dishes coming?" "The kicchin making it one table by one. No redie." Another 15 minutes passed. Yet to come. We were wet, cold, hungry, angry, and tired. After an hour of waiting, our three dishes were finally brought. They were OK, but I can make fried rice, better one, in 15 minutes! No tips tonight, we decided.

The fortune cookie I got for me very well told what we felt there. "An hour with your good friends is better than 10 hours with strangers." Well, if we are waiting for the dishes to come at the restaurant, an hour may be too long even if you have good friends with you at the table.

We took a cab back to Georgetown, and everyone said, "it's so good to be back home!"

Thank you for reading this silly story till the end.

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