My salad days in Washington, D.C.
2004年 08月 25日

Hello from Georgetown

Thank you for those of you who are checking this site regularly. Three
days have passed since I arrived here in DC. Sorry for typing in English,
but my lap-top is still off line. Things are going alright, I find problems in
speaking English, though. It is just expressing my point of view is a
frustrating (but hopefully full of pleasure) labour, especially when
speaking with the natives.

One thing I can say about this place here, however, is that THIS IS A
GREAT PLACE! YEY! Other exchange and international graduate
students are just "awesome", I will be greatly encouraged and inspired
by them and hopefully I will be able to contribute to them as well. I am
really excited about the coming weeks.

PS. I had no troubles at Chicago Ohare, no problems at the immigration
office! Though the flight was long and the plane from Chicago to WDC
was so small that there were only 64 seats for passengers, I had safe
trip to DC. And my hostmother, who kindly picked me up from the airport
to my university dorm, greatly helped me move in to the dorm. Without
her help, I guess I could have done nothing.

by my-salad-days | 2004-08-25 12:47 | Exchange

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